Job Details
Pay Rate / Salary
$ 17.00
Required Hours/Week
Experience Required
No Experience Needed - Entry Level Jobs - Must have High School Diploma or GED
Job Code
WKF40 - Packaging Technician - 1st Shift
[Allentown, PA, 1810..,  Pennsylvania,  United States | Posted - 05/13/2021

Education / Screening Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or GED (this will be verified and is non-negotiable)
  • Drug Screen
  • Comprehensive Background Check

  • 1st Shift: 6:45am – 2:45pm 
  • Monday to Friday
  • $17.00/hour 
  • + $1 per hour when working in the freezer area of the warehouse
  • After Day 1 Orientation, training for 2 weeks starts at 6:45 AM!
  • Lunch is unpaid

Packaging Techs are responsible for packaging the medication to prepare for shipping. Packaging Techs are required to complete a number of different tasks; Labeling bottles and syringes, filling bottles and syringes, packaging blister strips, filling blister strips, preparing cartridges, etc. Each room is given a specific task based on client volume, headcount, etc.

Job Description:

  • Cleans packaging rooms and machinery in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good Manufacturing Principles (cGMPs).
  • Performs manual or automated assembly, filling, packaging and labeling of pharmaceutical products. Ensures adherence to specifications and the highest quality standards.
  • Accepts or rejects in-process clinical supplies and drug products according to acceptability standards determined by Good Manufacturing Principles, customer requirements, and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Works with other departments to perform in-process inspections and other necessary tasks.
  • Performs computer-related tasks for signing in to a job, in-process actions and data entry.
  • Performs counts of incoming and completed components and drug product to ensure accuracy and accountability.
  • Performs tasks that may be verified by an independent individual, or may perform inspection/verifications of work performed by others.
  • Uses stationary and/or hand-held machinery in multiple operations.
  • Must be able to work in both primary and secondary rooms.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Certification, including but not limited to filtering face masks, PAPR, N- 95 masks, half face masks and safety glasses is required for this position.
  • Active member of PPI Initiatives.
  • Other duties may be assigned to meet business needs.
  • Some weekday, weekend and holiday overtime may be required

Dress Code / Environment:

  • THIS IS NOT A WAREHOUSE. This facility is a clean room environment, hospital type setting.
  • Gowning required – Hair net, beard net, scrubs, shoe covers, etc
  • No piercings, no makeup, no acrylic nails, jewelry of any kind
  • Dress code (under scrubs) – shoulders must be covered, no inappropriate t shirt or sayings, jeans, khakis, joggers etc. No ripped pants, no sweatpants. Leggings are allowed for men and women; backside must be covered. Comfortable sneakers.
  • We do have a fridge and freezer that you are expected to work in.
  • The Company will supply all cold gear required. You do not have to bring cold gear for yourself, unless you want to personally add extra layers which will need to go under your scrubs.
  • The freezer is -20 degrees. You would be in for 10mins, out for 15mins. 
  • When you are assigned to Cold Chain, there is a small incentive and all hours worked in Cold or PAPR (in primary) will be paid at an additional $1/hr. 

Physical Requirements
  • Must be able to stand continuously (95%-100%)
  • Must be able to walk frequently (50% - 79%)
  • Must be able to sit (up to 49%)
  • Must be able to lift and or carry the max of 50 pounds frequently (50%-79%)
  • Must be able to bend frequently (50%-79%)
  • Must be able to squat (up to 49%)
  • Must be able to reach above shoulder level essentially (80%-94%)
  • Must be able to use both right and left hand for repetitive action, simple grasping, pushing and pulling and fine manipulation essentially (80%-94%)
  • Must be able to use both the right and left foot for repetitive action occasionally (up to 49%)
  • Vision requirements for this position: close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less), distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more), color vision, peripheral vision (ability to observe an area that can be seen up and down or to the left and right while eyes are fixed on a given point), depth perception (three-dimensional vision) and the ability to adjust focus
  • Position is responsible for inspection of pharmaceutical products, components and labels. Incumbent must meet applicable visual acuity/color blindness standards to perform visual inspections in a cGMP environment
  • Personal Protective Equipment Certification (PPE) including but not limited to filtering face masks, PAPR, N- 95 masks, half face masks and safety glasses is required to perform this position
  • Must be able to work in both hot/cold environments (up to 79%)