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CCE-CG - Consultant - Communications Executive, Climate Group, New Delhi
N/A,  New Delhi,  India | Posted - 03/04/2024

1. POSITION VACANT: Consultant - Communications Executive, Climate Group, New Delhi


Climate Group (CG) drives accelerated climate action. The organization’s goal is a world of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with greater prosperity for all.

CG focuses attention on systems with the highest emissions and where their networks have the greatest opportunity to drive change. It does this by building large and influential networks and holding organizations accountable, turning their commitments into action.

CG shares what it achieves together to show more organizations what they can do collectively. An international non-profit organization, founded in 2004, CG has offices in London, Amsterdam, Beijing, New Delhi, and New York.

CG is renowned for its communications work, and this is a vital part of what the organisation does. It’s initiatives bring together large virtual networks. CG uses it’s communications to attract big organisations into their work and also as leverage to convince more organisations to make commitments. CG seeks to inform and support the government in making policy changes that tackle climate change and grow Indian prosperity.

CG has had a major impact on electricity and vehicle markets and already influenced millions of vehicles to go electric. It runs the world’s largest climate week and runs programmes in India that have helped shift industrial, transport, and energy systems to a cleaner future. CG works through TCCO India in India, a wholly owned subsidiary and part of the group of companies, collectively referred to as Climate Group.

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Project Background

The transport sector contributes significantly to climate change, representing 23% of global emissions. India's medium and heavy-duty trucks (MHDTs) constitute just 2% of vehicles but contribute 45% of road transport emissions. Despite lagging behind the US, China, and Europe in electric truck adoption, the market is now ripe for mass rollout.

CG collaborates with businesses and governments to accelerate this transition by forming coalitions, advocating for ambitious policies, and creating demand signals. CG’s Electrification of Medium and Heavy-duty Trucking Project in India supports corporations in piloting electric trucks to demonstrate their viability and align with climate commitments. By aggregating corporate demand and providing policy support, the project aims to drive India's clean mobility transition toward Net Zero targets for 2070.


The Consultant- Communications Executive (CCE) shall support CG’s transport program with the development of media narratives, strategic communications plans, and tactics seeking to inform a wide range of transport stakeholders to embark on a transformational shift in the way the electrification of freight works towards the transition to enable corporates achieving their internally set net zero commitments. S/he shall also support the development of CG’s flagship EV100 and EV100+ campaigns in India.

The post-holder shall be a part of the CG’s strategic communications team which is involved in transport and related energy and climate communications. The team acts as a center of expertise on transport communications and seeks to help create more political, media, and public endorsement for sectoral action at national as well as international climate scenarios.

The CCE shall report to the Director of Systems with a dotted line reporting to the Senior Communications Manager.

Key Job Responsibilities:
(1) Leading on communications for the project and providing tactical support for key campaign pushes – ensuring our work has an impact on our key audiences;
(2) Supporting the delivery of dialogue series on heavy trucking;
(3) Working with businesses, NGOs, and donors to further the work of the heavy trucking project;
(4) Researching and drafting compelling news stories, articles, blog posts, Q&As, social media posts and other materials;
(5) Supporting reports, briefings, and case studies – feeding in ideas for design, launch, and media opportunities, copyediting, if required, and promotion;
(6) Supporting the Senior Communications Manager in fielding inquiries from stakeholders including journalists and governments;
(7) Maintaining a database of media coverage to assess opportunities for future stories and outreach;
(8) Participate in meetings required with internal key staff (based in India) to deliver on the project when required. Externally, s/he shall be required to participate in meetings with partner organizations and donors of the project.


Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in mass communication. Master’s degree would be considered desirable.

(1) Applicants must have demonstrated, in-depth experience in communications and handled similar roles and responsibilities;
(2) Experience in electric vehicle/ freight sector coverage, and of embedding climate and energy matters in civil societies, is desirable.


The CCE shall be engaged as a short-term Consultant and paid INR 4,520/- per day. Taxes shall be deducted therefrom as per the Income Tax Act & Rules of the Government of India. S/he shall be required to be available for a total of 96 days over the next six months, i.e.16 days per month, with 2 days every week from the office.
(1) Payments shall be made on submission of undisputed invoice accompanied by an activity report in respect of activities, deliverables, and outputs;
(2) Payment shall be made within 30 days from receipt of these documents.)

6. LOCATION: New Delhi

7. TENURE: The association shall be for a period of six months, with possibility of extension, based on continuing project requirement.



Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
1/1B, Choudhary Hetram House, Bharat Nagar 
New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 011- 4081 9900; 4165 3612


Eligible candidates interested in the position can apply by or before April 15, 2024.